What can I use DELIVER HAPPINESS for?

For Shopping: DELIVER HAPPINESS is your very own Personal Shopper & Assistant. We get what you need, no matter what it is, and when you need it, without charging a premium on the MRP. For Pick &Drop: Pick, drop, order, deliver or move anything that is legal & transportable. For Doing Daily Tasks: We believe in making your life simpler. Run errands, do chores, deposit bills/cheques and so much more without having to go do any of these yourself.


You can send us your request over a call or Website or on WhatsApp. Once we have processed your request, and you have confirmed it, we mobilize our delivery buddies who are supremely skilled in getting everything at your doorstep, very-well acquainted with the city & are armed with a thorough knowledge of your preferences. The execution is quick & assuredly as requested.

What all do you pick & drop?

Pick up & drop, order & deliver or move anything from your lunch, to keys, to your passport, gifts & even clothes for laundry, without the hassle of going yourself. Just give us a call, WhatsApp us or tell us on the website and save your valuable time.

What are the service charges?

Our service charges are a function of time & distance. We follow dynamic pricing, making it a fairer deal for you. You pay only one way i.e. from pick-up location to drop location. We charge Rs.59 for the first 3kms and Rs.5/km for every subsequent km.

Which cities are you operational in?

Currently we fulfil service requests across the Kanpur for anything that is legal, available &transportable, if it’s a delivery or a pick & drop. We are also constantly expanding our service & product range, as well as our service area, so feel free to test us anytime.

What are your operation timings?

We are operational between 9 AM & 7 PM.

Can I schedule a request for a time of my choice?

Yes, you can schedule a request for a time of your convenience within our standard operating hours.

What is your cancellation policy?

An order/service-request can be cancelled without any charges before it has been picked-up/completed/executed by our delivery buddy.

Do you charge a premium on any products?

No, we do not charge any premium on any of the products ordered. Our policy is to try and deliver all the products at or below MRP. You are also welcome to inform us of any discount offers or coupons applicable at the stores of your choice.

What are the supported stores?

We deliver “Anything-Anytime!” from any store of your preference that falls within the geographical limits of the Kanpur.

How much time does it take to fulfil a request?

Our policy is to ensure that the delivery buddy reaches the pick-up location in 10 to 15 minutes. If a particular request is taking longer than usual then our team will inform you in advance.

How do I pay for my order?

We have cash-on-delivery. In case of a shopping request, we pay cash at the pick-up location and once the delivery buddy reaches the drop location, the price for the items along with the delivery charges are paid at the drop location. In case the price of items goes beyond Rs.500, the delivery buddy will collect the entire amount before going to the pick-up location. In case of pick n’ drop requests, you can inform us at the time of placing an order whether delivery charges are to be collected at the pick-up or drop location, or even at a third location.

What is the weight limit on packages?

For our Pick n’ Send local courier service, the weight limit is 10kgs, and the dimensions of the package can be 20inx15inx14in. Only legally permissible objects will be transported, subject to the discretion of the DELIVER HAPPINESS team.

What items does DELIVER HAPPINESS not transport?

Items prohibited by law that cannot be delivered or couriered, including but not limited to: currency; precious and semi-precious stones, gems, jewellery and equivalent items; radioactive or magnetic material; negotiable instruments (bearer form); pornographic material; firearms, explosives and military equipment; flammable items; toxic and infectious items; chemicals; drugs; liquor; tobacco and machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries.

How safe are my items sent through DELIVER HAPPINESS?

Our DELIVER HAPPINESS delivery experts undergo extensive background security checks, and are trained in handling and packaging your items in the safest way possible so that they get to their destination safely.

What happens if my items get damaged during transit?

We ensure safe packaging for all your items. However, in the unfortunate case that the item is damaged, please reach out to support@deliverhappiness.in within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment. Every order/shipment (Pick n' Drop) is automatically guaranteed up to Rs.5,000.